Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my mixed feeling..

wow..its has been a very long time since last i updated in jan..welcome back to me..:)
d story is dat i've gone thru few challenging & sad episodes...i was challenged by laparoscopy wic i decided to have a battle against it after a deep deep thought & i was down..:) due to that i got 9 dys of sickleave..tat really put me in heaven (coz away frm office le) eventho d reality was i was in pain..jst imagine..they did a small incision ard 1 inch i think thru my cute belly button hehe..and camera was inserted & let it explored d inside me..and another hole made on my left tummy..alhamdulillah it went smooth..and alhamdulillah again..i found the root cause of my weird symptoms all this while..lucky me! its just a mild one..according to my gynae its common nowadays & can be cured...insyAllah..1st shot of treatment was right after the procudure...namely lucrin.. it kills me softly k...i've to live wt the side effect for few mths..i need to be strong..for the sake of getting recovered..insyAllah..2nd shot was last my gynae had aggreed wt my counter proposal...i suggested that 6 mths to be cut short only 3 mths..pepandai jer aku nie...initial plan was 6 mths of treatment..i dared to counter propose after being consulted by doc Adilah thru her blog ..jazakallah..she is where u can find a private specialist who cud give free consultation..:)
the sad part is when you have a so-called 'closest fren'...b'tepuk b'tampar stiap hari..and a 'fren' turned away frm you without any signal..i jst noticed this while i was on SL.dunno wat i've done wrong until my sms never got replied..dunno wat went wrong till my fb act has been deleted from 'fren's frenlist..oh God..and wat makes me even sick and sad..a 'fren' didnt bother to call nor to wish a recovery...unlike before...this keeps me wondering until now..oh fren forgive me for any wrongdoings towards u..and yes to make things better...i had asked for an apology..alhamdulillah...mulut mengiya..but hati siapa yg tahu..hanya Allah yg tahu kn..importantly, ive done my best to mintak ampon mahap even tho im pretty sure dat i did nothing wrong ..yet 'fren' remains as is til today..'fren' is not anymore d person that i used to know..'fren' u made me cry ..deep inside!!..but dear fren..tis is ennuff..i'm getting better now..even tho u treat me like this..i dont mind ..coz i know tis is just a small test..dan sesungguhnya aku redha...its better to care abt my own feeling..and my health..think & act positively is d best solution..yess!..may Allah bless u dunia dearly fren ..:)
p/s: betol kata org..1 keburukan bole menutup 10 kebaikan wpon sesame yg akrab.
..TETAPI..kebenaran hakiki...yg buruk dtg dari diri kita sendiri...sgala yg baik datang drNya..subhanallah..

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