Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aussie Welcomes Two Hearts

Vacation Date/Period : May 2008 / 5D4N
Vacation Spots : Brisbane & Gold Coast
Route : Brunei-Brisbane-Brunei via Royal Brunei
Accommodation : Spring Mews Apartment, Brisbane
Transportation : Car (rental & fully equipped wt GPS)

During the 5D/4N trip, amongst the places we hardly forget are the Movie World & Surfer Paradise in Gold Coast. We (only me & my darl) drove all the way from Brisbane using our rented Honda Getz that we asked abt from the tourist info center at the area of Queen Street Market, just 1.5 km away from our hotel. Queen Street Market is known as best shopping district in Brisbane & we had shopped for some souvenirs, t shirts etc to be brought back home.
At the Brisbane city itself, we went to South Bank area passing by the Griffith University finally to the South Bank Parklands. A key feature of the parklands is the man-made beach, created with concrete and then topped with beach sand from a nearby bay. Earlier on, we were actually on foot wandering around the city until we found the Brisbane City Tour with River Cruise. The river cruising was really amazing esp during the breezing winter air. The winter was just nice, chilly but not so cold.Enjoying the serene panorama & the spectacular views of waterfront homes and the Brisbane skyline really gave us a new romantic memory ever. :D
Indeed, Movie World & Surfer Paradise is a must visit place in your checklist if you happened to be in Gold Coast or Brisbane. As advised by fren who had been there before, that with d GPS assistance, the exploration within Brisbane & journey to-fro Brisbane-Gold Coast would be pretty smoother...and it was proven true.
The  Gold Coast is approximately 80 kms south of Brisbane & it took us 1 hr to get there.
Briefly described, the Movie World contains various movie-themed rides and attractions ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides. In addition, costumed characters performers also patrol the park, allowing visitors the chance to take photos with them. Kids would enjoy this very much.
While Surfers Paradise is a suburb within Gold Coast City in Queensland, Australia. Colloquially known as 'Surfers', the suburb has many high-rise apartment buildings and a wide surf beach. You can see many professional surfers showing off their amazing skill with lovely tempo.
On our way back from Gold Coast we droppedat the Factory Outlet where i bought a sweather jacket for my daughter & for myself at a reasonable price. Other sightseeing spot that worthy our visit were Kangaroo Point, a popular picnic spot, offering impressive early morning or evening views, extending across the river to the City and beyond to the mountains surrounding the city's outskirts.

Monday, February 20, 2012

180 days in paradise..

salam alaik & greetings all..oh crapp.. lame nya x update blog ku ini....but first thing of all..saja nk announce that .im now.. happily in paradise..:)  on my 6 mths unpaid leave aka hibernation from office works...n im pretty sure all working moms out there ever dreamt of this kinda of break..
my reason being is >> to focus more on my princesses...i need to spend extra time for them..n praise be to Allah kerana memudahkan & memakbulkn niat ku slama ini..luckily my company approved d request...much thanx to the HR mgr who seemed to be very understanding as he was the 1st person i shot email to.. requesting for the unpaid leave..saja tried my luck there..bkn apa...working for big private company lagi2 la customer service oriented ..mmg emotionally challenging & mindly tiring..bhadapan dgn bermacam ragam kerenah customer ...dats d colorful of word indeed..i still lurve my job (biar betol aku ni??) but i feel really really unfair to the company if i cant commit to many tasks..termasuk la certifications which already included in our kpi (scariest part is u must pass the exam & re-sit if failed..n bad news is if u pass u have to be bonded hahaha) ..x dapat la mcm ni...dh tua2 mcm ni otak tepu dh utk menerima ilmu...wat a career woman am i kan ? tade vision/mission langsung..sorry im nt dat type,, i'm nt dat ambitious type ok..not keen in building a career path.cukup tiap2 bulan dpt gaji..udah udah la.biar jer sang somi yg develop his career path...let me be his loyal supporter/motivator pn cukup.. aritu pn my boss verbally mentioning abt promotion..opss sorry boss cant accept it..sincerely..biar jdi exekutip cabuk jer la boss.(sebenar nya takut byk tanggungjwb n role yg kena pikul) hahah..but main thing is..i dreamt abt this long break ever since i tader maid..tempang rase nya tader pembantu utk uruskn all house chores..byk sgt backlogged nya..last2 aku yg collapse nanti..huhu
ok now d dekat 2 mths i bercuti sakan nie..for this 2 mths la jgk..byk call i terima frm my office..all works related..huh cant believe this ! so minda pn keep recalling..refreshing all d system incidents/problems yg customer hadapi.since i i primarily buat system support at my client company.. so nk tak nk terpaksa tlng advise...and kesian jgk tgk budak yg acting my position tuh..moga dia di beri balasan yg setimpal drpd our boss (yg selama-lama ni really hard to justify for us wt gud rating ones huh !) but deep in my heart theres a mixed feeling actually..demotivated feeling..frustated feeling besides my current 'happy at home' syndrome. hehe .cant tell much here...let the time decides..will update on the outcome later.heheh

Sunday, November 13, 2011

im no longer a baby okey!!!

masih terngiang2 d telinga ku dgn jawapan bersahaja tpi ikhlas dr si bongsu ketika bermesra dgn nya beberapa minggu yg lepas.

aku : baby...oo baby..blum sempat mami kiss nya harini kan cayang..(sambil memelok n mencium puteri bongsuku)
si bongsu : mami nie....kita dh ckp jgn panggil baby la...panggil kta dh besar..(sambil buat muka ala2 merenyuk gitu )
aku : mami kn tade baby kecik lagik..jadi izaty la jdi baby mami keh...
si bongsu : tula mami..sbb tu mami tak dapat baby lagik tauk tak...!!..coba mami panggil kta adik..pasti Tuhan bagi mami baby baru !!
aku : erkk...iya ta iya jgk kn kn..:O

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transfer Factor selamatkan Hafifi daripada kanser

Why i posted this article?This is merely not to promo or for any other intention. As i care much abt how important for us to take care our own & our loved ones health, so i do care to share abt TF goodness here. Alhamdulillah it worked on my eldest for her atopic ezcema & the youngest one for her epilepsy. All my kids have been consuming it since 2009. It has become their daily supplement coz i strongly believe a strong body's immunity shall be developed from young age.
>>> Jurnal Malaysia-Transfer Factor selam/atkan Hafifi daripada kanser

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

exclusive trip to kk

my o my...such a long hibernation of me..:)
as a comeback.. i wud like to share some info following our trip to KK sometime in last June..again ???couldn't believe your eyes reading this?? yess...again to KK! n now u know how passionate im wt the awesomely beautiful nature of KK...subhanallah...and this time ard i brought along my family. we had indeed a great & enjoyable moments esp my youngest bro & my mom who have never been there..its a pleasure to see their dream has come true :)
Trip date : end of june 2011 (4 days trip via flight)
Accomodation : Promenade Apartment (booked via online at a promotional price..its abt rm100 pernite okey!..quite a spacious comfy room wt 2 queen size beds..strategically located near to a Promenade Hotel & Center Point Shopping issue at all to find food's outlet & parking space)
Places Visited : Mamutik Island, Sabah Tea Plantation & Kinabalu Checkpoint.
Car Rental : from d Airport Car Rental Service.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Apam terSenyum

Apam terSenyum...senyum..tak perlu kata!..mmg lame x update entry bab2 makanan ni hek..
So..ts is my 2nd trial making si apam senyum..ada org panggil apam bunga.kalau x kerana si bongsu peminat no1 apam mmg sampai sekarang pn xda usaha utk try buat :)..1st bonda ku yg buat.masa trip balik kuching mmg jadik n sedap sgt2..yet sooooo simple..aku pn coba jgkle..buat2 rajin la ni..cuma 2 setiap kali aku buat apam itew ngak mao tesenyum daa...tersengih pn tak..haiyaakk...x cukup kelakar kut..hahaha namun yg pasti anak ku pasti tesengih2 kalu dh dapat pojaaaan hati nya itew..

Bahan2 :
3 biji telor
200 gm tepung gandum
50 gm gula kastor
1 sudu ovalet
150 ml aiskrim soda (i choose F&N nyerr)
Pewarna merah & hijau (anycolor can do)
*2 sudu makan susu tepung (self-customized ..terbukti lagiii sedappp...gua x tipuu)

Cara Membuat :
Pukul telor, gula & ovalet hingga putih gebu.
Masukkan tepung & pukul hingga pekat
Masukkan aiskrim soda..Gaul lagi..Bahagi adunan 3 bahagian & bubuh warna.
Paipkan ke dalam kertas cawan & kukus selama 15-20 minit atau hingga masak.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


weekend yg memenatkan...sabtu selesai mem5skn wardrobe yg seisi alam nya bagai d padat2 d sumbat2 dlm tin sardin...since hubby pon on travelling episod mengecam & menyingkirkn pakaian2 lamer berlaku dgn rancaknya..alas..puas atie aku..lega skit mata..lapang dada ku d pabila melihat hasilnya....kalu x mmg sesendat almari tu jugakla ruang pernapasan ku selame ni...mana x.. beli yg baru..yg lamer x pakai..elok jge sedekahkn pada yg memerlukan...ada jgk manfaat nya..:)
ok..ahad..b4 ke tuition class..ppg sulung..dok sibok meminta ku mjenguk site club die..aku igtkn official site kelab koku skolah ke fren die telah setup official website utk die&d gang la konon nya (budak ni spesis yg celik IT skitt)..NERDSUnited nama d beri...mereka berdua amat berbangga dgn 'cute wt glass' imej..sampai d gelar nerdy amongst their school fren...rupa2nya !
So terkesima skjp aku..kwn die nie siap dok upload video wic taken by herself while dorang buat project skolah kt rumah die 2 wks lps....ish ish.budak2 zaman sekarang mmgla advance..beria-ria sungguh ppg ku yg sulung nie sampai mtk keizinan utk create site utk die n adik2 ya...pulok dahh..last2 aku mengalah..terpikir kjp..drpada depa dok men game jer...biar depa bemain2 dgn weebly site nie..since its a way easier than managing blog....tpi dgn syaratku let their weebly d jadikn landasan utk sharing ker...x kira...pasal hobby or imaginasi or facts ker..janji ke arah kebaikan..
so the whole day happened wt the kakak started creating their own site..n they call it..PPG2Rock... there u rock my galss..:)
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