Wednesday, September 14, 2011

exclusive trip to kk

my o my...such a long hibernation of me..:)
as a comeback.. i wud like to share some info following our trip to KK sometime in last June..again ???couldn't believe your eyes reading this?? yess...again to KK! n now u know how passionate im wt the awesomely beautiful nature of KK...subhanallah...and this time ard i brought along my family. we had indeed a great & enjoyable moments esp my youngest bro & my mom who have never been there..its a pleasure to see their dream has come true :)
Trip date : end of june 2011 (4 days trip via flight)
Accomodation : Promenade Apartment (booked via online at a promotional price..its abt rm100 pernite okey!..quite a spacious comfy room wt 2 queen size beds..strategically located near to a Promenade Hotel & Center Point Shopping issue at all to find food's outlet & parking space)
Places Visited : Mamutik Island, Sabah Tea Plantation & Kinabalu Checkpoint.
Car Rental : from d Airport Car Rental Service.


  1. laaaa punya lamak nunggu entry..sekali ya jak meh? excited dah baca sekali pendek story nya hehe..

  2. nk karang pjg2 dude..tmpt yg same je tu..nyway..thnkx for ur time...:)


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