Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dSLR dream

gonna it be true? let's recall what i had on mind..i've been dreaming...seriously k..of owning a dSLR camera one day..dont think dat i already got one meh by looking at d pic above..tipah tertipu..dat was my gud frenz punya hubby punya dslr le..sesaje posing sakan..
and again..for d past few days.. i've been googling on the subject and can't handle d desire anymore..gonna get one..hopefully soon..:)
after being consulted by a colleague who is also a part timer pro-photographer..alas..i've canon and nikon in my wishlist..d most popular in market..yipee..
so now..time to choose either one...budget is not a problem..insyAllah..
below are some reviews from d sites..owwhh no.. i'm a im in a thoughtful or nikon..non or kon..kon or non..argghhh..
help me ! help me...!

Beginner DSLR cameras
In the beginner DSLR section, we have Canon EOS Rebel series: Canon XS/1000D, Canon XSi (450D), and Canon T1i (500D). These cameras are compact and light weight (relative to DSLR cameras). Like Nikon, Canon cameras do not have built-in image stabilization in the camera, Canon & Nikon use lens-based image stabilization instead. Canon beginner cameras benefit from full compatibility with all Canon EOS lenses which are regarded the most complete and sophisticated in a relatively lower price compared to competitors.
On the other hand, Nikon beginner cameras do not have built-in AF motor, so while you can still mount Nikon AF lenses (older lenses especially prime lens) to it, you can’t auto focus. This might not bother you if you only buying newer lens or don’t plan to buy any other lens at all. Nikon D40, D60, D3000 also do not have live view like Canon beginners cameras.
However, I like the ergonomic and handling on Nikon beginners camera better than Canon beginner cameras.
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Does Nikon or Canon have better SLRs?
Be honest here for a second.
If you're taking pictures with an SLR, there's a very good chance you're using either a Nikon or Canon camera, and therefore there's a good chance your loyalties are set. But what would you do if asked to give advice to somebody upgrading from a compact camera to a single-lens reflex model? Or what if you were a pro making a fresh start?
With SLRs suddenly very popular, we decided to run a poll to see what the fans out there have to say. So take a step back, think carefully for a moment, cast your vote in the Poll box, then weigh in with your opinion in the Talkback section below.
Here's how I see the competition right now. Canon has dominated the digital SLR market, but Nikon is coming on strong.
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Nikon's D3 and its brethren.
(Credit: Nikon) 
Canon's 5D et al.
(Credit: Canon)

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