Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3in1 project is almost done

salam all..huh..begitu lamanya daku menyepi...dr bulan puasa hingga ke raya puasa hingga nak masuk raya haji pulak tuh..many things had happened..n its in fact i was really occupied wt so many things that really make me forgetfull abt ts blog..kesiann blog aku tatau nk meracau pasal i wanna share my exciting news..d 3in1 project for my new hommie at my hometown is almost living room's tile, window+door grill have been perfectly i jst received a latest news on d other new kitchen cabinet..all are just perfect now...wa caya lu la, d source and manpower hired are all bumis..i can't believe dat they jst took a month to get it done..n they r highly recommended..very commited and senang d bawa berunding on d quotation & charges heheh...tu yg paling bagus..since me n my hubby both in btu rite its quite hard for us (as hubby on TA mode..7 days working in a week plus me myself have less AL left) to be there in kch to monitor their work.luckily my parents are really helpfull...they did all the monitoring...what i can recall here is it was quite a rushing to decide on the tile, grill n kitchen cabinet...jst imagine we had only 2 days to do survey before we went back to btu..mmg betol2 kerja gilala.. kejerons..hehe..semangat beb..semangat membara2 nak memenuhkan rumah dr kosong belaka..well mmg happy sgt2 today bila contractor yg buat kitchen tu hanta mms gamba kitchen dh siap..n praise to Allah kerana memudahkan segala urusan kami..tinggal lagi urusan lampu, furniture & yg sewaktu dgn nya..errm kopak kopak..

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