Wednesday, May 5, 2010

h1n1 vs my lil angel

tis is a so true story....based on my own experience nursing my 5 yo lil angel who struggled wt h1n1..hope its worth happened on d 26th of April. It was indeed a nitemare to us as we never expected that d virus had stroke into our home. I really concern abt hygiene..oways ensure tat everyone in d house wud frequently wash their hand before/after entering the who r we to escape frm Allah's fate..his test..jst a small test rite :)

back to d story..apparantly my lil angel had a slight flu 2 dys b4 she was confirmed wt d the time..i jst gave her a flu syrup till she caught a slight fever on Mon 25th morning while about to go to kindy..therefore, i jst let her stayed put at home & get full rest. Need to be cautious now as i heard h1n1 cases drastically increased each day in our town.Before left for work, i gave her a panadol syrup to ensure she was gonna be fine after that...normally my kids will recover soon after taking a panadol.
Somehow, her temp suddenly shot up when i was back home for lunch. W/o further delay, i 'bombed' her wt d hi fever tablet. Once reached home after work, I immediately wiped her body wt a warm water and gave her panadol syrup again. The temp turned a bit low then..Suddenly I remembered my Avita’s therapy oil..yes..i must try alternative way..i took out d Forsythia Detox, Magnolia & Vital Meridian. As written on forsythia detox's gud for i apply few drops of it mixed wt vital meridian and started massaging her abdomen & lymph nodes rite below her ears before she harm trying..but at 12nite..her temp dramatically went up..its almost 39F..i 'bombed' her once again..sumting wrong wt her (mom's instinct is oways rite)..i spoke to myself..i kept wiping her & massagin her wt those therapy oil ...i did apply magnolia too (as it says - to combat viruses/bacterias) on her chest and her back. Within seconds, she started to sneeze...guessing d viruses were being flushed out.. i did apply on myself too as a precaution..prevention is better than cure..:) i cudnt sleep dat nite ..its ok. for u my dearest..anything i will..wat i scared most was she has an epilepsy (has been on medication since she was 1yo..pity her) i must avoid her from getting any seizure attack. By morning, her temp decreased. (but still in unsafe mode)...

I rushed her to a clinic in d early morning (28th April).The doctor did an Influenza A test..n d result was positive..i was speechless hearing tat. bt prayed hard that she wud be fine.She got sweated & temp slowly decreased after the doc 'bombed' her wt d hi fever tablet. Starting that day, she needed to take a 5dys course of antiviral.Thank God.. she didnt get d hi fever for d whole day..jst slight one...i took EL to look after her during d quarantine at home. There was one time she vomited after being massaged using those therapy oils. It worked .! i believe tis oil really did a detox process. Besides massaging her wt all those magical oils I also gave her 100 plus to drink. She was in a stable mode then..I kept massagin her every 4 hrs..even tho she disliked it :) not forgetting my other 2 daughters & d dad..i also applied onto their chest & abdomen in order to prevent d virus from infecting them as they also started to get a flu symptom..ermm lotsa patients to cure I spoke to myself..heheh.prevention is better than cure d end of day.. I cud feel my body started aching all head jst like wanna explode..the migraine was attacking me..most probably not getting enuff sleep..biological clock was disturbed nyway..& I stressed out a lot..typical supermom shud feel dat way...:)
Besides d antiviral & persistent massage of therapy oil, i doubled up the Transfor Factor supplement's dose ever since she got sick. I gave constantly to her to ensure her immunity wud boosted up during d struggle. With Allah's bless..alhamdulillah my lil was back on track..For the rest of us..despite of all d minor symptoms tat we also had, we were vry fortunate to be one got infected..Alhamdulillah..:)

Next following days assured us a postive lil was recovering..such a speedy recovery.. she even insisted to join her sistas for a cycling in the afternoon of 28th April...looking dat she sweated all over..i decided to bath her despite d doc's advice not to do so..

well my frens..friendly advice to you & myself as get early treatment whenever u and your loved ones are unwell..esp nowadays..we are living together wt various kind of harmful germs & viruses..d 2nd wave of h1n1 outbreak is indeed a test from Allah to us..may Allah have a mercy..never take things for value your life by implementing a healthy lifestyle…take any supplement besides all d healthy foods and practice a good hygiene everytime and everywhere you are.…and most of all..believe in God. he never created us defenseless.. it’s up to us to endeavor d nature  in this temporary world & transformed it into a pure & cure formula towards achieving a meaningful life. Why i have a trust in Avita's therapy oil ?'s formula merely based on herbs..which I understand that herbs have such a natural healing power ..Insyallah..with Allah bless. :)


  1. terkejut kmk baca ur blog kak emy..izit totty yg kenak ka? how was she? hopefully she's ok..ylh nowadays penyakit macam2 jak...doa jak mudahan dijauhkan lagik dr semua tok..mintak sihat selalu..aminnn..

  2. Amin..auk kecik ya knk..ylh tek alhamdullilah x lmk nya demam ya..btu tok kin jd kes org semandin ya nor..mun kita pn sik bingong gilak..bila dh kenak ke cdak..sik tentu igek asa :)


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