Wednesday, May 26, 2010

besday treat

...ermm makan lagi...
happy 27th besday to my dearest colleague aka neighbour in '', Bibi Jehan..:)
so..for her besday aka our big breakfast we ordered a cupcake tiramisu flava...sooo yummylicious...its more to aiscream taste...u shud try one...bought it from Daily Fresh, one of malay bun outlets in town (sambil promo la nie)...n our kind hearted & sporting boss brought a homemade nasi lemak..spicy bt vry the sodapp..the rest..izzu wt her cheezy tuna sandwich..some chocs by Mizi (labuan mali oo)..n of course apple n orange juice..the only thing i managed to think/bring dlm minit2 kecederaan completing d package hahaha..thnx all..alamak..sapa punya besday nie..aku pulak sibok bagi speech hahah..on behalf of BB...ok lets get all finished then...ngaummmmm..

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