Friday, January 22, 2010

memory of baju kurung

I woke up tday wt a sudden intention to wear my old baju kurung to work which brought me down the memory lane...:)Tho its still quite big on me but who cares janji hati ku sanang kan hehhe..The sweet memory unfolded at time i put it on...yess..Its somewhere mid of 1999 when i wore it for a grand dinner which was a closing agenda organized for new Petronas execs in conjunction wt their Induction Day at Permata, Bangi. I was sooo spirited..really 'teruja' being as 1 of the dinner's guests. Coming all the way from Shah Alam merely to see him, one of the execs whom is now my beloved hubby..naaaa. luv is beautiful..luv is strong..the best words to describe our feeling indeed. Jiwang la pulak..huhuhu..
Back to reality!! am counting days to our nxt Anniversary..Its been 10 years..alhamdulillah..and i oways pray for such love to linger on despite any challenges we may face and to have a blissfull marriage throughout our life..Amin.
ps : sedangkn lidah lagi tergigit inikn pulak somi isteri...moral..jgn main gigit gigit k..kuang kuang kuang..

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