Thursday, January 21, 2010

a lil bit of intro

Assalamualaikum wbt & salam sejahtera,
Thanks to Allah the most merciful the greatest of all for granting me this precious time & effort to make my very first own blogging site such a reality one. :) Syukran2
Indeed, it’s quite hard for me to kick off this site until after been frequently persuaded by my SIL. I adore her blogsite anyway. Fulfilled with many cooking recipes.:)
Apparently, this stuff keeps reminding me of my personal homepage created 15 yrs back. What I remember most abt it is –its created on a geocities site.- developed from scratch using html mixed up wt some java applet just to beautify the GUI. Sad but true I forgot the full web has been years ok.Last accessed was during my ‘zaman menanam anggur’:) Trust that geocities is among the popular website providers soon after the internet’s heat hitting our country early 90s. Those were the days.:)
I’ve been dreaming (for 3 years) to own a blogsite where I can share ideas, opinion, articles etc that hoped wud benefit you all.Its just a matter of not having free time to do so. having said that, im a career mom of 3 adorable powerpuff girls..Life is everyday hectic to me.Time flies so fast indeed. Nevertheless, I feel so lucky that I live here at this small and peaceful town, Bintulu, so called an ‘industrial town’.
Enuff for the intro today..enjoy and stay tune for more posts k.
Have a pleasant day ahead.


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