Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KK oh KK !

greetings & salam all..apparently,i jst got back frm a longggg break..:) KK memories still fresh in my mind..its welcoming smiles still linger in my heart...even tho it was my 6th trip to KK..but tis time was reallly different..its a family vacation & we travelled by road..previous ones were all d mind-numbing official trips..:)
it had been a fruitful & splendid moment for d past 2 weeks..for d 1st week away frm d office, we were back home in Kch (spt biasala..balik kampung jengok kaum kerabat sume) & followed by our 'possible trip' to sabah..d trip was kinda awesome albeit lengthy as we drove all the way from Btu...bak kata orang tua jaoh perjalanan luas la pemandangan & pengalaman...to-fro benua swk-brunei-limbang-brunei-lawas-sabah..hehe wat a remarkable explorace we had for our year end vacation..it took us 9 - 10 hrs to reach 'd land below d wind'... i think the distance is nt as far as to kch..merely becoz of 7 or more checkpoints (u have to go thru these) dat contribute to d time taken..as usual my kids will normally ask bila nk sampai ni.??.tak pn...negara mana ni daddy??

(note : map source from worldrecordtour)

well..by the time we reached KK town..its 6pm already..penat tu mmg x payah cakapla..but i think we all are already get used to it as we frequently go back to Kch by land..so it doesnt really matter..our mission started the next morning...our 1st hotspot : off to Poring Hot Spring, Ranau..we managed to rent a room wt indoor pool..its a bathtub actlly.apalagi i pn mandi skali ler..hehe enroute back, we planned to singgah at d Kinabalu Park to get the garden view..unfortunaley it was heavily raining..so we cud only see kabus yg begitu indah...so plan void...actlly enroute to ranau will lalu kundasang..danggg tis place is heaven..masa tu terus pasang angan2..alangkah bahagia nye kalu tinggal kat sini..subhanallah...such a virgin...far  from polluted air..wt beautiful scenery.. unlike sickening ground i currently step on..can be well defined as a 'pollution town'...n my hubby pn berangan sama rupanya..bah transfer KK jak..i really wishhh!..
2nd hotpsot : Manukan Island..for a snorkelling and mandi manda ofcourse..wic i think my kids like d most..berendam dr pagi til ptg mmg kebal sidak suma..best jgk snorkel tgk marine lifes nie..i bumped into a big fish wt long tapered mouth..sepjg lengan aku adalah kut..eee igtkn jerung..panik jgk sebentar..we really had fun there..unfortunately x sempat try the banana boat ride n para sailing..maybe nxt visit..must try... 3rd hotspot : Lok Kawi Wildlife Park..similar to zoo negara jgkla..my kids seemed complaining much jst becoz of they were heated..penat jgk bjalan & we sweated all over....finally not forgotten my shopping spree..heheh at 1Borneo pn dah cukup..sehari pn x abes kali bjalan d 1Borneo even d SuriaKK ada Metrojaya..mmg well developed..so for those who wanna make 2 in1 agenda - 'vacation & shoppin trip'..KK is highly recommended..gud for u (if u are shopaholic la) and gud also for ur kids..so its a win win situation..:) i'm ending ts wt few snap shots..for sure..i will definitely meet u again KK..heavenly KK :)

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